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"Art of the Future"

is a name that resonates with me because it represents the unique approach that I bring to my art. By incorporating augmented reality technology into my paintings and drawings, I'm able to create a new type of art that blurs the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds. The name "Art of the Future" suggests that my work represents a new direction for art, one that is focused on the possibilities of technology and that embraces the ever-evolving nature of our world. It's a name that is both exciting and aspirational, and it captures the essence of my vision as an artist. Through my art, I hope to inspire others to think about the future of art and to embrace new technologies as a means of creative expression. With "Art of the Future" as my brand identity, I'm able to establish myself as a forward-thinking artist who is pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms and exploring the possibilities of what art can be in the 21st century.

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